The Zappa Band Returns To The Baked Potato

On Feb. 24-27 2022, the torture will be re-started! Another four nights of FZ extravagance at the Baked Potato (hopefully a precursor to a full-blown US tour a little later in the year).

We will re-introduce some material we haven’t played since before the pandemic, as well as some tunes we’ve NEVER played before.

Two sets a night, eight sets total. The links to all the sets are on this page (scroll down a bit):

Playing with this band has become one of the great joys of my life and I’m fiercely excited to do it some more!

The Zappa Band Returns To The Baked Potato

Paul Gilbert’s Great Guitar Escape!

This will be a fun one! Paul Gilbert’s Great Guitar Escape, with Andy Timmons, George Lynch, Greg Howe, Greg Koch, Gretchen Menn, Jared James Nichols and your humble narrator, me!

It’s been three years since I did anything of this nature (that was the 2019 G4 Experience), and it definitely feels like time to do it again. I love these guitar camp deals – having a few days to stretch out and share information and community with a bunch of fine music lovers is a pleasure and a blessing.

(What an amazing group of players has been assembled for this event! Paul and Andy were both present at the first G4 in 2014, and I just loved playing with them and hanging out – they both share my Todd Rundgren obsession, and we would try to stump one another with Todd lyrics and trivia out back behind the venue between sets. I’m gonna suggest to them that we work up at least one Todd tune for next year’s craziness.)

July 28-August 1, 2022 in Pomona, CA. Here’s the link:

Join us!

Paul Gilbert’s Great Guitar Escape!

The Complete Adventures Of The Unrelated Sound Guy

An IndieGogo campaign for “THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF THE UNRELATED SOUND GUY” (a film inspired by five songs from my next album)

Mikko Keinonen is a very wonderful Finnish filmmaker. He hired me last year to play the piece “Mating Dance” for the closing credits music of his film DUUS.

(As it happens, you can watch a video of me playing this very “Mating Dance,” at the very popular video streaming hub YouTube.

A point of potential interest: practicing this piece for a week in order to prepare for this video destroyed my fingers, particularly the area just under the nails to such an extent that I couldn’t even dare dream of playing the guitar for, like, eleven days at least. Was it worth it? HA! 168 entire likes on YouTube [as of this typing] say that it WAS, bucko!) (Although that guy in the comments who says it’s a “really bad Bill Frisell imitation,” yeah I guess that stings a bit. But hey, you know — YooouTube commenters, am I right? AM I RIGHT?)

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