Hello! Baby, hello!

That’s an Elton John quote, did you recognize it?

I’m playing in Escondido at the California Center For The Arts on Sunday Feb. 16, which, if you’re reading this on the day it’s been posted, is today. This is me trying to get back in the swing of keeping this website updated with relevant info. How’m I doin’ so far?

I’ll be playing a set of my music, including some brand new stuff, and several enticing cover tunes, with the marvelous San Diego group Back To The Garden backing me up. We have been working on a new album together over the last few months and we’ll premiere a couple of the tunes from it at this gig. 

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A few words from Mike

Hello! I’ve returned to this website which bears my name to tell you of some stuff.

Particularly the fact that I’m touring in Europe this month and the next with Devin Townsend. We’re supporting his new album Empath which I co-produced with him. I love the album so much – I’m as happy to be involved with it as anything I’ve done musically, and I feel the same about the tour we’re doing. We’ll be touring North America next year too.

Devin Townsend rehearsal photo
Devin Townsend rehearsal photo

Additionally there will be more gigs with the Zappa band (me, Scott Thunes, Ray White, Robert Martin and Joe Travers) next year and I’m writing some new music with Todd Rundgren and there’s some secret stuff going on in Exowax-land too…lots to talk about at a later date.

For now though, if you’re in Europe, come see me with the Devin band over the next few weeks, yeah? 

Thanks, you!

Devin Townsend Empath Europe - Volume 1

Say Bye to 2018 with Big Ol’ Keneally Sale!

I am sending you, like, 18 sincere wishes for a wildly happy holiday season!


2018 draws inexorably to a close and Exowax marks it by offering you 20% off any purchase of $18 or more.


Simply freakin’ use the promo code “2018” upon checkout to get your rightful discount. Sale is in effect until the end of the year. 

(Also, be aware that we’ve recently uncovered a small trove of Dog Special Editions [signed and numbered, with DVD, previously thought to be sold out] and a fresh batch of Universe Will Provide/Parallel Universe combo packs, so if you’re getting ready to host a 2004 party, we’ve got your soundtrack.) 

Thank you, for you’re kind!


Blue Mouth Promotions gleefully presents:

X-JAMM! Featuring Mike Keneally & Beer For DolphinsDevin TownsendTravis Larson BandOHMLarry Mitchell, and a show-ending jam featuring Robert MartinAndy TimmonsAndy WestPer NilssonJen MajuraKyle Hughes and more!

The venue, M3 Live Theater at 2232 South Harbor Blvd in Anaheim, is a 10-15 minute walk from the convention center where the NAMM convention is happening, but check it out: NAMM credentials are not requred to attend X-Jamm! Civilians of all stripes are warmly welcomed! 

This will be the five-piece version of BFD and we will envelop you in a warm bath of tones and ideas before slapping you upside the head with provocative timbres and rude but wonderful gloriosity.

Doors open at 5:30pm, and the first act hits at 6:20pm. There is food for purchase and a full bar, so no need to stop for dinner on the way over. Tickets are seated. It’s a really nice venue. Be a part of this! Here is the ticket link.

(Also, the night before on Jan. 25, Blue Mouth presents ELEMENTS OF SOUND with Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Andy WoodMark Lettieri and Nili Brosh. Another remarkable night of music and madness and mirth and mmmmore! Here’s the dang link for that.


The Joe Satriani What Happens Next tour ended a few nights ago in Pune, India (see the video I shot from the stage during that gig here). Man, what a fun tour. Just want to thank JoeBryanJoe T, the crew and everyone who came to a show. I feel immensely grateful to be part of this team and look forward to playing with the dudes again at The G4 Experience in Palm Springs, at Hotel Zoso (Led Zeppelin reference?) January 3-7, 2019. In addition to playing with Satriani, I’ll be joining Beller and Travers in backing up Neal SchonRick NielsenCarlos AlomarBumblefootLari Basilio and Kiko Loureiro. Serious fun. I think slots are still available? Check here to see.

We start rehearsals for The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa in March. We’ll start announcing dates very soon. I’ll say a lot more about it later, but basically, take whatever your expectations about what a Zappa hologram tour might be, and abandon them, because this is going to be an experience unlike anything that’s happened to you before. From a musical standpoint, I’m delighted to be joining Joe Travers, Scott ThunesRay White, Robert Martin and Ed Mann in bringing Frank’s amazing music to you (some of which has never been heard before), and from a visual standpoint, we are going to present something you simply won’t see coming. Not gonna say more than that for now, but prepare to be truly affected by this experience.

All right! I love you! Thank you for reading! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!