Mike Keneally/Marc Bonilla: Ravel’s Prelude from Le Tombeau De Couperin

It is hubris, given the history of the world, for me to refer to an indignity perpetrated by a record company upon me as “a wrong.” But still, making this video last year with Marc Bonilla did somehow “right a” very insignificant-in-the-scheme-of-things “wrong” for me, in that Warner Bros. Records forbade Marc Bonilla to record this duet with me on his second album American Matador back in 1992. They wanted Marc to occupy a Satriani/Vai-like guitar-hero spot on the label roster, and they were eager for Marc to play both guitar parts himself, which he did, and did brilliantly.

I must also say that, at that time, it was probably more “right” from a musical standpoint for Marc to play the second part, as I don’t doubt for a second that he executed the part more crisply and accurately than I would have back then. When he asked me in 2020 to finally do the duet he’d asked me to do with him all those years ago, I felt I was ready to finally do it justice. Of course, it still took me about a month solid of practice, to the exclusion of nearly all other human activity. My gratitude to Sarah for enduring weeks of my constant practice of my part over, and over, and over, and over again.

And thank you Marc for asking me to do this! It was fun, nearly impossible, and extremely satisfying.

MFTJ – My Mom’s Getting A Horse: everything you need to know

The last post I wrote in March 2020 was about the first MFTJ album, called MFTJ. How many of you who read that then figured that the next time I posted anything substantial here would be over 14 months later, heralding the second MFTJ album?

Four of you, I believe! Four of you figured that!

In any case, the second MFTJ album, My Mom’s Getting A Horse, was released on Bandcamp on January 10 2021. It’s the first full album project I worked on using my new pandemic-prompted home-recording set-up (made possible by the generosity of many wonderful friends at GoFundMe).

MFTJ – My Mom’s Getting A Horse
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Floodgates, open!

May 27 2021

Thank you for reading this post, which is the first one I’ve made for this page since March 20, 2020, right at the beginning of lockdown, one week after getting home from the interrupted Devin Townsend tour. One might think, wouldn’t one, that in the ensuing 14 ½ months the front page of this website would have swelled obscenely from all the new website-specific content I’d be creating in this exciting new hermetic pandemic environment. It didn’t! I was distracted!

But I’m about to post a large bunch of things (all of which will provide details of these various distractions). This post acts as my public pronouncement of this emerging reality, so that I am now duty-bound to deliver a copious series of posts to you, each of which highlights a thing I’ve done over the past year, or a thing I’m currently doing, or about to do, or am thinking, or sump’m. (And I’m delivering all of the posts to Antal, who will very kindly be posting them here. Thank you Tal for doing this, and for years of friendship and support and maintaining this site so well, and patiently waiting for me to provide some sort of content).

Floodgates, open!
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