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THE KENEALLIST: Bandcamp Friday For April – Live At Mama Kin

The Keneallist

Hey, thou —

This is just a quick message to let you know that our Bandcamp Friday release for tomorrow, April 7 is Live at Mama Kin – Boston, MA – August 15, 1998.

Never previously available for download or streaming, this title has only been purchasable, until now, as part of the Sluggo! SuperDeluxe package. For those of you who remain adorers of physical, tangible music delivery objects, and who haven’t yet experienced the joys of Live at Mama Kin, this option still exists here.

(Bandcamp Friday, I hasten to tell you even though I’m certain you know this already, is that special first Friday of the month when the Bandcamp service waives all of its own fees and every bit of income generated goes to the artist/independent label. A very good day to browse the work of the many multitudes of artists who make their work available via Bandcamp.)

'Live at Mama Kin' on Bandcamp Friday!

Live at Mama Kin finds the quartet BFD of the era (me, Bryan Beller, Marc Ziegenhagen and Jason Harrison Smith) in serious fighting trim – almost literally fighting as we found ourselves in near-fisticuffs with unhappy locals when we parked our truck to unload our gear that afternoon – ah, Boston!

It features our covers of “Immigrant Song” and “Inca Roads,” as well as the rarely played originals “Tug,” “Vent” and “Pencil Music,” an opening improv here entitled “BSSOC,” and a heaping helping of additional live faves. The vintage 1998 recordings were given a shiny new mix in 2013 by Mike Harris and myself. It is a wonderful-sounding document of a ferocious show.

'Live at Mama Kin' on Bandcamp Friday!

One hopes you’ll choose to give it a listen, and by “one” I mean me! Revel in the now quarter-century old (good lord) sounds of MK/BFD!

Good luck!


P.S. We’d still love to know what MK vinyl you’d like to own!

Well-worn vinyl LPs from your imaginary collection.
Above is currently non-existent Keneally vinyl that may turn actual, with your input!

So we’re toying with the idea of issuing an “it’s about time!” LP version of an MK album or two. And we’re asking you what Top 3 albums you’d most like to hear on vinyl. If you’re so inclined, please respond by replying to this email or emailing us at

If you’ve already shared your wishes, thank you! Many of you are very passionate about your choices, and we find your responses super encouraging. By the way, the most requested title so far is… oops, sorry, out of space!

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“Pup” EP Now Streaming For The First Time – On Bandcamp

Today is Bandcamp Friday! We are participating in this now-venerable tradition by releasing, for the first time in a streaming format, the Mike Keneally Band Pup EP from 2004. This was a very private pressing made available at the time only to those who pre-ordered the Dog album.

In addition to three otherwise unavailable live Keneally Band tracks, it contains a long studio take of the song “Li’l.” This freaky instrumental, in a later recording, ended up on Wine And Pickles, but this earlier version is longer, faster and rawer, and also contains the mysterious sounds of the Mattel Optigan that was available for our use at Stanley Recordings. 

There’s also two one-man-band studio recordings, “Sun Flute” and “Party Poopers,” both recorded at Chatfield Manor in the span of time after Wooden Smoke and Dog, and very different from both of those albums. This was during the period when I was just beginning to sink my claws into Pro Tools. They are pretty sturdy examples of bizarre home-recording experimentalism.

All the music pieces are tied together with radio-style announcements and jingles, as this EP also functioned as promo for the then-brand-new Radio Keneally streaming service (no longer with us, and may its light forever shine in our memories). Pup captures the vibe of Radio Keneally in kind of the same way that The Who Sell Out captured the vibe of pirate radio of the ’60s.

Thank you to Chris Opperman for suggesting to Scott Chatfield and I that we make Pup available on Bandcamp, and then put his hard work where his ideas were and uploaded Pup to Bandcamp himself along with all of the supplementary textual material I prepared to accompany it. The hope is to continue uploading recordings from my catalogue to Bandcamp every month until we finally have it all up there. 

For now, this is the first step, and it is here:

"Pup" EP Now Streaming For The First Time - On Bandcamp


I would like to tip my hat to some writers who’ve done pieces about the new album – I appreciate the energy and good words, a lot. TIP. Of my HAT.

This dude Mark S. Tucker has been sneaking reviews of my albums on to the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME) website for a while now, even when the albums he’s reviewed could in no way be referred to as “folk” or “acoustic,” such as You Must Be This Tall. I consider this a subversive act and I appreciate it. Here’s his YMBTT review:

Something Else! Reviews has been like a metric ton of the finest raisins, in that they have been very supportive, informed and cool – here’s Tom Johnson’s review of the new album:

…and an interview I did with Nick DeRiso of Something Else!, about YMBTT, Andy Partridge, and other potential items of interest:

We’re movin’ now! Here’s one single link that leads to TWO reviews of You Must Be This Tall, from DPRP, the Dutch Progressive Radio P. I know it’s not “Radio P” at the end. Let me look this up.  It’s the Dutch Progressive ROCK PAGE. Sorry 🙂 Thank you Roger Trenwith and Jez Rowden.

Perpetual pal Pete Pardo from within the Sea Of Tranquility chooses to impart these thoughts:

This review at the New Zealand site Witch Doctor kind of took my breath away. Thanks Peter Kearns

And hey! Not everyone is gonna dig it! The universe isn’t built to withstand total agreement on any one thing, and response to You Must Be This Tall is, if nothing else, a thing. Beppe Colli at Clouds and Clocks eloquently expresses reservations: (broken link)

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