Superb response to Guest Host program; cheerfully seeking 5 more

Many thanks to all who’ve stepped up to be ordained as Guest Hosts for the upcoming Keneally-Bendian-Lunn tour! It is heartwarming, validating and leaves one vaguely with the smell of fresh ginger.

We’ve got GHs for 9 of the 14 gigs. We still seek Guest Hosts for the shows in Columbus, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dunellen NJ and Scottsville KY.

Guest Hosts can help us by increasing local awareness of our gig, printing and putting up posters (we supply the artwork), arranging any local media which is within their reach and helping with online tubthumping. The GH and a pal will meet us at the venue, help with load-in if they’re capable, hang out with us before and after the show, introduce us onstage if they wish to (no one is forced to), and at some point I will hand him/her a CD-r containing rough mixes from Scambot 2, currently in progress and estimated to be approximately 63% complete.

You are interested? Please write to Blair at to solidify the situation.

Mucho appreciado!