bakin’ @ the potato!

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bakin' @ the potato! Mike Keneally Band

bakin’ @ the potato!
Mike Keneally Band

Released 2011


  1. Kedgeree
  2. Blameless (The Floating Face)
  3. Life’s Too Small
  4. Click
  5. My Dilemma
  6. Chee
  7. Them Dolphins Is Smart
  8. 1988 Was A Million Years Ago
  9. Yep, Them Dolphins Is Smart, Alright
  10. Bullys (sic)
  11. Pretty Enough For Girls
  12. Taster
  13. Tomorrow
  14. Scotch
  15. Chatfield Manor
  16. Potato


  1. Title
  2. Kedgeree
  3. Blameless (The Floating Face)
  4. Lifes Too Small
  5. Click
  6. Hallmark
  7. My Dilemma
  8. Chee
  9. Them Dolphins Is Smart
  10. 1988 Was A Million Years Ago
  11. Yep, Them Dolphins Is Smart, Alright
  12. Bullys (sic)
  13. Pretty Enough For Girls
  14. Taster
  15. Cold Hands
  16. Tomorrow
  17. Scotch
  18. Natty Trousers
  19. Chatfield Manor
  20. Career Politicians
  21. Potato
  22. Credits
    (Plus commentary tracks featuring all band members)

Five years after the Mike Keneally Band’s Guitar Therapy Live triumph at LA’s intimate Baked Potato club, a most worthy sequel is born. This time, Mike raises the stakes by adding guitarist Griff Peters to the mix, allowing the quintet to rise to new heights of musical power, diversity and subtlety. Live favorites are mixed delectably with seldom-played gems from Mike’s catalogue to create a truly astonishing DVD and CD set. The region-free NTSC DVD of the entire September 15, 2010 concert features stereo audio, DTS 5.1 Surround and Dolby 5.1 Surround, and the CD comes in just seconds short of the maximum possible 80 minutes.

Mike Keneally Band is:
Mike Keneally: guitar, keyboard and vocals
Bryan Beller: bass and vocals
Rick Musallam: guitar and vocals
Griff Peters: Guitar
Joe Travers: drums and vocals.


Taken from the live DVD/CD set “bakin’ @ the potato!“, the Mike Keneally Band performs “Kedgeree”. Directed by Mike Keneally and Dave Foster.

Exowax / EX2412 / 2011 (cd/dvd)